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Sony video store to launch in UK this November

PSN gets overhaul with film downloads, PSN voucher cards and 3.0 firmware update

Sony has announced its European version of the US Movie Store will launch in the UK, France, Germany and Spain in November this year.

Film companies Lionsgate, Paramount, MGM, Walt Disney, Fox, Universal and Warner Bros have been signed up by Sony, which will result in the delivery of "hundreds of movies straight to your PS3 and PSP," Sony's Andrew House has confirmed at the Gamescom Sony press conference in Cologne. These films will be purchasable using the usual wallet system, and the store will be rolled out in other territories throughout 2010.

In addition, further PSN updates have been announced - including the introduction of PSN voucher cards in denominations of EUR 20 and EUR 50, which will mean users no longer need a credit card in order to make online purchases.

"We will be implementing a host of new features that will make PSN even better from September 1" House confirmed, which will improve "both navigation and aesthetics."

The new firmware update v3.00 will add a new area called What's New to the online service, allowing PlayStation 3 users to view recently updated content, as well as offer direct shortcuts to TV websites such as BBC iPlayer.

Other enhancements will include a new status indicator, redesigned friends list, a more in-depth trophy system and new dynamic custom themes and avatars.

PlayStation Home will also see some additions - including a new Singstar game space and Audi TV content in the Home cinema - a result of a new partnership between the companies.

Home has been downloaded 7.5 million times globally, 3.5m times in PAL territories, House confirmed. The overall PSN user base stands at over 27 million, including 11 million in SCEE alone - which is a "connection rate" of 60 per cent of PlayStation 3 owners.

The number of global downloads has now passed 560 million, generating over USD 260 million in revenue. "PS fans are using PlayStation Home in the same way people use other social media," said House.

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