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Sony unveils new model PSP

PSP 3000 to launch October 15 in EMEA territories priced EUR 199; enhanced screen and built-in microphone

Sony has unveiled a new model PlayStation Portable at its press conference at the Games Convention in Leipzig.

The PSP 3000 will be released in EMEA territories on October 15, priced EUR 199.

The new model will boast an enhanced screen and a built-in microphone to help establish the consoles as "a viable communication device," according to Sony Europe president David Reeves.

"We will be enhancing the LCD screen. What this actually means is we have taken the already high quality screen and increased the intensity and number of colours it can display," he told the assembled press.

The console will launch with a total of eight different bundles with games including FIFA and Buzz software and the Go! communications applications.

In addition, the Slim & Lite PSP will be reduced in price for a limited time to EUR 169.99.

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