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Sony understands "frustration" of Euro PS Store delays

But staggered releases across regions are down to publishers, says exec

Sony has said that it understands the frustration of consumers in Europe who have to wait for titles already released digitally in the US and Japan via the PlayStation Store.

However, the staggered releases of games from third-party publishers is not something Sony has any control over, said Angela Madronero, European PlayStation Store manager.

"The decision about whether and when to release a game for sale is in the hands of the individual publisher. In the same way that the publisher decides when to launch the disc version of a game, they also decide if and when PlayStation Network content is made available," she wrote on the official PS blog.

"We know that there is a lot of frustration when content is released on one store but not another. I can confirm that from a PlayStation Store point of view, we are committed to supporting our third party partners in bringing as much content as possible to the European Store."

Madronero added that there are multiple reasons for delaying content in different regions, including technical glitches, digital rights issues and localisation requirements.

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