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Sony slams 3DS tech

Not planning on naked-eye 3D for its own portables, says Hirai

Sony is unconvinced that glasses-free 3D, as used in Nintendo's upcoming 3DS handheld, is suitable for gaming.

SCE Kaz Hirai offered his reaction to Nintendo's new portable to Sankei Biz, and while it was primarily a criticism of a rival firm's 3D technology, it shone some light on persistent rumours about a new model of PlayStation Portable.

"Based off internally conducted research, naked-eye 3D for portables does not have high precision," he said, "and at present there are limitations."

Hirai revealed that he had yet to see a 3DS first-hand, but told Sankei Biz that Sony would not be pursuing a similar technology for its own portables.

He was bullish about stereoscopic 3D on the PlayStation 3, however, claiming that it would increase console sales.

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