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Sony responds to PSP wireless revelations

A Sony representative in the USA has confirmed that [our report this week] about the company's plans for wireless connectivity on PSP and PS3 was indeed authentic - but says that its policy has moved on since it last discussed these possibilities.

Speaking with US website GameSpot, the representative admitted that information contained in the article had emerged at an internal meeting which took place four months ago, but claimed that it reported only one of a number of "possible future scenarios."

"The article has been selectively drawn from comments made during this meeting. It is now out-of-date and does not represent official Sony Computer Entertainment policy," he told GameSpot.

Of course, the wireless policy outlined in the article has never been official Sony Computer Entertainment policy, as it has never been officially discussed outside of the company itself and a relatively select group of trusted developers.

However, the senior sources (both within SCEI and at a number of publishers) who informed our report believe that the company is still pursuing broadly the same "wireless vision" that was outlined at the meeting months ago - and told us that they were aware of no major changes to the company's policy in this respect over the past few months.

One factor which remains unsure, however, is to what degree this model will be replicated in North America and Europe. As indicated in the original story, our information applies to the Japanese market, and while likely, it's not confirmed that a similar system will be adopted by SCEA and SCEE.

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