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Sony release new PlayStation 3 hardware

Latest iteration shows performance improvements and cheaper production costs

Sony has released a new version of the PlayStation 3 hardware. The new iteration features an improved version of the RSX graphics chip that uses 15 per cent less power and is less prone to the 'yellow light of death'.

The console is more power efficient and cooler to run than previous versions. Significantly for Sony it is also cheaper to produce. However, it is still unclear if the console is being sold at a profit - although the original version of the PlayStation Slim was believed to be close to break even.

As first discovered by website PlayStation University the hardware update features a 45nm version of the RSX chip, rather than the less efficient 65nm version originally released. The Cell chip has been 45nm in both iterations.

The console also now uses two 128MB XDR RAM chips instead of four 64MB chips and features a new cooling assembly and a lighter power supply.

Specified as the CECH-2100A, like most minor hardware iterations the new version of the console has not been publically announced or promoted by Sony.

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