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Sony patents new PS3 motion controller

Break-apart pad to use video and ultrasonic tracking system, according to design documents

Sony have registered the patent for a wireless motion sensitive controller for the PlayStation 3 that makes use of an "ultrasonic tracking system". broke the news earlier this year that Sony was working on the break apart motion sensitive pad in a bid to position itself against the Nintendo Wii. According to images posted on the patent website, the controller combines and breaks apart with others to perform different actions.

"Game interface tracks the position of one or more game controllers in 3-dimensional space using hybrid video capture and ultrasonic tracking system," read the abstract submitted to the US Patent & Trademark office.

"The captured video information is used to identify a horizontal and vertical position for each controller within a capture area. The ultrasonic tracking system analyses sound communications to determine the distances between the game system and each controller and to determine the distances among the controllers," detailed the document.