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Sony patents motion control using ordinary objects

Everyday items can be scanned for use in-game

Following its unveiling of a new EyeToy-compatible motion controller at this year's E3, Sony has patented more motion control related technology which lets users dynamically map everyday items for use in a game.

The patent details a system where a camera can map in any real world item, reports Siliconera. Examples given include a coffee mug, drinking glass, books and bottles, however the mapping system is expected to be able to identify any three dimension object.

Sony uses a U-shaped block to show how the technology will work, explaining the player must show the object to the camera, rotate it and save it to a file. The system can then analyse movements and transfer them into in-game actions.

During Sony's E3 press conference, the publisher demoed its new motion controller being used to control a range of in-game items, including a sword, a torch and a fan. While the player holds the new PlayStation 3 'wand', in the game the wand is transformed into a different object.

This new item-scanning patent could easily be planned to tie-in with what Sony has already announced, although comparisons to Microsoft's Project Natal are bound to be made.

Sony has confirmed its new PlayStation 3 motion controller will be released in spring 2010.

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