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Sony opens up Move to amateur devs

Move.Me allows "hobbyists and academics" to create software for motion controller

Sony has lifted the lid on the rumoured PlayStation Move server - a piece of software known as Move.Me, which allows limited use of the motion controller on PC in order to create new games and applications for it.

The software is designed for "hobbyists and academics", claimed Sony senior engineer John McCutchan on the PlayStation Blog, and grants access to "the exact the same data that licensed developers have."

He claimed that "Even before PlayStation Move was publicly available to all of you, we were talking about the device's potential implications for academics and researchers. Move.Me... is an opportunity for PlayStation to inspire new, revolutionary applications in other fields beyond gaming."

Rather than running directly on PC, Move.Me involves running special server software on a PS3, which then communicates Move data to a nearby computer via LAN.

"We hope it will be used to discover new ways of connecting individuals with information, and maybe even discovering a new healthcare application or two."

Move.Me may, of course, also open up the controller to the same kind of inventive hacks as have been seen on Microsoft's rival Kinect. No release date is available as yet.

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