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Sony launches new PS2 colours in Japan

Two new versions of the PlayStation 2 are set to go on sale this month in Japan, with Ceramic White and Sakura coloured consoles joining the other colours currently available in the Far East.

The Ceramic White console looks very similar to the console released as part of the PS2 Racing Pack before Christmas, which was bundled with a copy of GT4 Prologue and was a huge success for Sony.

The Sakura console, however, looks like nothing in particular on this earth - being an unhealthy looking light shade of purple, which is presumably meant to resemble cherry blossom (Sakura being the Japanese for cherry). We can only assume that it's targeted at the female demographic - or the colour blind demographic, possibly.

Both new consoles are priced at 19,800 Yen - around â'¬143 - and will be available in Japan from the 25th of March. No mention has yet been made of a possible western launch for the new versions, and while it's quite likely that the white model will make it over here, we suggest that you don't hold your breath waiting for the sakura edition...

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Rob Fahey is a former editor of who spent several years living in Japan and probably still has a mint condition Dreamcast Samba de Amigo set.