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Sony DADC moves into game peripherals with dreamGEAR

Supply chain firm launches consumer sales initiative and will bring US brand's products to Europe

Press Release:

Sony DADC, a leading supply chain services provider for the entertainment industry, announced today its Consumer Sales business unit, a fresh initiative designed to diversify the business and further position the group as the number one provider of retail services for entertainment, consumer electronics, accessory brands and media.

Sony DADC's business unit Consumer Sales announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with dreamGEAR LLC, which will work exclusively with Sony DADC to extend and grow their retail business in Europe as well as additional key regions. A dedicated Sony DADC Consumer Sales retail team will be on board to drive sales throughout strategic territories as the group expands operations.

Sony DADC's Consumer Sales business unit will offer an end-to-end solution for partner brands, utilising their existing distribution and warehousing capabilities as well as their own services offering, bringing brands to retail via their own direct to retail sales team, as well as direct to consumers. Sony DADC's Consumer Sales business unit will connect products and services directly to the largest retailers.

dreamGEAR®, a top-tier North American provider of video game peripherals, consumer electronics and accessories for the audio and mobile industry will be working with Sony DADC's Consumer Sales business unit to bring their highly regarded product lines to Europe and additional key territories, including products launched under its bionik®, My Arcade®, ISOUND® and dreamGEAR® brands.

Yahya Ahdout, a founder of dreamGEAR commented, "Launching multiple brands with a diverse range of products across Europe and other key regions is by no means a small feat and requires a dedicated team with the passion and vision necessary to make an impact at retail. We believe that Sony DADC has the experience and drive required to best represent our line of innovative and exciting products, and we look forward to working with the group to organically grow our global market share throughout 2017 and beyond."

Chris Spearing, Vice President of Sony DADC's business unit Consumer Sales said, "Sony DADC is well established as a strong and reliable retail services provider and will allow the group to further diversify the business as we expand to provide a true end-to-end retail solution. We believe there is an enormous opportunity to engage with partner brands and deliver a unique service which will help with every facet of sales from launch through to end fulfilment, providing a one-stop service which will benefit retail and consumer alike."