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Sony cuts operating loss on Games division

PS3 sales almost double year-on-year, while PSP sales also rise

Although Sony's overall financial numbers for Q2, 2008 don't make for happy reading, the Games division is at least performing well year-on-year, with revenue up by over 10 per cent.

Despite the section still making a loss of JPY 39.5 billion (USD 405 million) for the three months to the end of September, that compares with a loss of JPY 96.7 billion (USD 992 million) a year ago.

Sales went from JPY 243.4 billion (USD 2.50 billion) in 2007 to JPY 268.5 billion (USD 2.76 billion) this year.

Much of that was down to strong sales of PlayStation 3 hardware, which shifted 2.43 million units over the three month period, up 1.12 million on last year, while the PlayStation Portable sold 3.18 million units, up 0.6 million on last year.

Sales of PlayStation 2 consoles decreased by 0.78 million units to 2.5 million, bringing the sales gap between that and the PS3 closer than ever, with the tipping point in the flagship product's favour likely to occur in Q3 this year.

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