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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Launches Silver Edition Of New Slimline PlayStation 2

Available throughout Europe from 13th May 2005

London, 29 April 2005 - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced today that it would introduce a Satin Silver model of its highly successful new slimline PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

The new Satin Silver model will be available throughout Europe from 13th May 2005, and will sell alongside the current black model at a recommended retail price of €159 or £114.99 in the UK (with black DVD remote control).

To accompany and complement the new silver model PlayStation 2, a range of Satin Silver accessories will also be available, including a Vertical Stand, Memory Card, DUALSHOCK 2 Controller and DVD Remote Control. Already available is the stunning new silver EyeToy® camera, commissioned specifically to complement the slimline console. With global shipments of the EyeToy family of products exceeding 6.5 million since EyeToy revolutionised the games market in 2003, the EyeToy camera has become one of PlayStation 2's most desirable and useful accessories. The silver model camera takes colour coordination and style to an altogether new level.

David Reeves, President of SCEE said, "When we introduced the new slimline PlayStation 2 in November last year we delighted consumers with its compact size and elegant style, and hundreds of thousands of existing PlayStation 2 owners upgraded to the slimline model. The new silver model takes the elegance and beauty of PlayStation 2 to new heights. With over 30 million PlayStation 2 consoles in households across Europe, the new Satin Silver model will secure the position of PlayStation 2 as the games console of choice for the keen, and now fashionable gamer."

The introduction of the Satin Silver PlayStation 2 coincides with one of the most exciting years for PlayStation 2 software in the history of the console. Starting with the record breaking launch of Gran Turismo 4 on 9th March, this iconic game broke the record for the largest ever first day shipment, and continues to enthrall gamers with the sheer scope and playability of the genre defining title. Since its European launch it has now sold-in over 3.1 million units.

The year ahead promises to deliver a broad range of original titles and returning favourites to PlayStation 2, including new innovative titles in the EyeToy catalogue, including EyeToy®:Kinetic, an innovative physical exercise title developed in association with NIKE MOTIONWORKS®, the professional sports research lab, that is set to revolutionise lifestyle gaming. As social gaming continues to gain popularity, the SingStarTM series is back with a fresh new look and a broad contemporary song selection featuring artists such as Robbie Williams, the Black Eyed Peas and Keane.

Core gaming franchises return, with classics like TekkenTM 5 and Soul CaliburTM III offering exhilarating action-packed gaming combined with new improved graphics and sound effects. And the countdown has begun to the release of '24: The GameTM', an action adventure based on the popular television series and developed in collaboration with the show's producers, directors, scriptwriters and stars. Allowing players to live a 'brand new day' in the life of Jack Bauer and the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU), the game has jaw-dropping revelations for '24' fans as well as thrilling, non-stop, time-pressure gameplay. These are just a few of the many titles that will be available to consumers this year on PlayStation 2.

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Product Name: PlayStation®2 - Satin Silver

Product Code: 70003/UK, 70004/EUR, 70008/RUS

Suggested Retail Price: €159.99/£114.99 (with DVD Remote Control)

Release Date: 13th May 2005

Included: Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2) - Satin Silver

AV Cable (integrated audio/video)

AC Power Cord

Separately Sold Accessories

Product Name: Vertical Stand (for PlayStation 2) - Satin Silver 70000

Suggested Retail Price: €12.99/£6.99

Release Date: 13th May 2005

Product Name: Memory Card (8MB)(for PlayStation 2) - Satin Silver

Suggested Retail Price: €29.99/£19.99

Release Date: Already Available

Product Name: Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2) - Satin Silver

Suggested Retail Price: €29.99/£19.99

Release Date: Already Available

Product Name: DVD Remote Control (for PlayStation 2) - Satin Silver

Suggested Retail Price: €19.99/£12.99

Release Date: Already Available


For further information please contact:

Jonathan Fargher ( or Jennie Kong ( )

Sony Computer Entertainment UK Ltd

Tel: + 44 207 911 8195/8176 Fax: + 44 207 734 4926

Images of the new Satin Silver PlayStation 2 and the new Silver EyeToy camera can be downloaded from the SCEE Virtual Press Office at

About Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), based in London, is responsible for the distribution, marketing and sales of PS one®, PlayStation®2 and PlayStation Portable® software and hardware in 102 territories across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania. SCEE also develops, publishes, markets and distributes games software for the three formats, and manages the third party licensing programs for these platforms in the PAL territories. At the end of March 2005, over 40 million PlayStation® units had been shipped across these PAL territories, over 102 million worldwide. Between its European debut on 24 November 2000 and the end of March 2005, over 31 million PlayStation®2

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