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Sony Computer Entertainment Boosts PLAYSTATION®3 Game Development Environment

Strongly Supporting PS3 Game Developers by Contributing to the Improved Efficiency of Game Development

Tokyo, November 19, 2007 - Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that it would enhance the game development support environment for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3®) by integrating programming tools developed by SN Systems Limited (SN Systems)(*1), as part of the PS3 Software Development Kit (SDK)(*2).

By building on the well-established line-up of SN tool products, including the core programming tool ProDG, and offering it as part of the PS3 SDK, SCEI is committed to strongly supporting the game development community. Additionally, SCEI will enable the Debugging Station for PS3 (DECHA007J/ DECHA007A) to take part in the programming process, effectively assisting PS3 game title development on the Reference Tool (DECR-1000/ DECR-1000A) (*3).

Along with these measures to improve efficiency in PS3 game development, SCEI has also almost halved the price for its PS3 Reference Tool, effective immediately. The Reference Tool will now become available at JPY950,000 in Japan, US $10,250 in North America and 7,500 in Europe(*4).

The distinguished high-quality line-up of SN Systems' programming tools to be integrated into the PS3 SDK include(*5):

1. ProDG:

Effective immediately, ProDG, a highly regarded and powerful programming tool developed by SN Systems, renowned for its highly customizable superior user interface, will become available free of charge as part of the PS3 SDK. Additionally, through the improvement of its functionalities, ProDG, which used to be available for use only on the Reference Tool, is now available for use on the Debugging Station as well, contributing to reduction in development costs.

2. SN Distributed Build System (SN-DBS):

On October 12th, license and support fees for SN-DBS were eliminated. SN-DBS is a distributed build system that improves productivity by dramatically reducing compiling time by distributing source code builds to multiple PCs on a local area network, allowing them to process in parallel. Compiling time is reduced by approximately 80% when using 6 PCs.


A program that is used during the building process for linking compiled programs. Compared to the existing linker, linking speed is significantly improved and can be up to eight times faster. The release of this program has already started through the SDK's system software update released on November 2nd.

4. SN Compiler (SNC):

A new compiler that will be provided as the standard compiler for PS3. It is optimized for use for PS3 by adopting the industry standard C++ front-end and will significantly elevate game quality as well as improving productivity through its improved code generating efficiency. Release of the beta version of SNC will start from mid December as part of the SDK.

In addition to the provision of these powerful tools as part of the SDK, SCEI has also added the capability for the Debugging Station to take part in programming, thus assisting PS3 game title development on the Reference Tool, instead of using it only as a quality assurance system for games under development. Game developers are able to power up Debugging Station by simply updating to the latest version SDK provided on November 2nd. Adding this new capability to assist game title development will contribute to cost efficiency and overall productivity.

The PS3 Reference Tool is optimized for the creation of entirely new interactive entertainment that is only available on PS3, taking full advantage of state-of-the-art technologies such as Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.) and RSX®. As more and more new titles are developed for the PS3 format, SCEI will significantly reduce the price of the Reference Tool in order to contribute to the cost saving measures of the development community.

Along with this boost to the PS3 game development environment, SCEI will further reinforce its support system to the development community, and continue to further expand the PS3 platform.

(*1) SN Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCEI, acquired in 2005.

(*2) Software Development Kit is a software library for game developers. Developers are able to obtain this library by signing a license agreement with SCE and by purchasing tool products.

(*3) A game software development tool for PS3.

(*4) All prices are exclusive of tax.

(*5) These SN Systems tool products are provided free of charge.

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About Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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