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Sony stops work on Eight Days and The Getaway

London Studio halts production of the titles following budget review

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that it has stopped production on two PlayStation 3 titles that were in development at the Sony London Studio - Eight Days and The Getaway.

A statement from the Corporation read as follows: "It has been agreed that production of both Eight Days and The Getaway will cease immediately due to the redistribution of resources and budget.

"This decision was made following an internal review of all games and it was deemed that with the incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles coming up both this year and in the near future, resource should be reallocated to enhance those projects closer to completion.

"Worldwide Studios has a reputation for innovative and entertaining games, with titles such as LittleBigPlanet, SingStar,Buzz, EyeToy and Eye of Judgement, and will continue to push the boundaries on all PlayStation platforms."

The move follows shortly after the appointment of Shuhei Yoshida as the head of Sony Worldwide Studios, replacing previous company icon Phil Harrison, who departed to take up the role of president at the re-imagined Atari.

Eight Days was first announced at E3 in 2006 with a trailer showing a mixture of what appears to be in-game action and cinematic footage, involving a shoot-out at a remote truck-stop in the Arizona desert.

The Guardian reported just a few weeks ago that the title was "just ramping up to full production," suggesting that the decision was taken only recently to terminate the title.

The Getaway, which was due to receive full attention once Eight Days had been released, was apparently still in the early stages of development.

Sony London Studios was previously responsible for the fantastically successful SingStar and EyeToy franchises. There has been no indication that the decision would result in any redundancies.

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that these projects have been shelved permanently, and work is not scheduled to restart at a later date.

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