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PSP 3000, 160GB PS3, SOE publishing plans, SingStar, EyePet, Heavy Rain.

20/08/2008 16:50

Leipzig Games Convention, 20th August 2008: “For the times they are a-changin” were the opening words today from David Reeves, President, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) as he made his opening address at the Leipzig Games Convention. With a focus firmly on new and innovative titles, products and the European games market he commented: “You will see technology that has never been seen before and you will be introduced to products and games that will not only be coming first to Europe but global initiatives announced first in Europe.”

Reeves started with the continued development of the PlayStation® product family into the ultimate entertainment suite with the launch of PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) 3000 model PSP-3000 will be available as a bundle, including one software title for a RRP of 199€. Confirming total PSP sales of 13.4 million units in the PAL territories., PSP 3000 will sit alongside the highly successful PSP Slim and Lite and, in response to consumer feedback, will feature an enhanced screen along with an in-built microphone. Coupled with Go!Messenger and Skype™, PSP 3000 sets out to establish PSP as a great communications device and an essential tool for those on the go.

Confirming latest sales figures for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) of over 5.8 million units in the PAL territories. Reeves also confirmed the arrival of 80GB PS3 this week and, reflecting the growing entertainment market for SCEE, a limited edition 160GB PS3 scheduled for 31st October for a RRP of €449 in a bundle including additional PLAYSTATION®Network content. Reeves pitched the 160GB model at “those of you out there with an insatiable thirst for downloadable content and an unquenchable need for storage space”.

Building on the theme of content Reeves revealed that the latest research showed that music was, after gaming, the second most popular feature on PS3 and went on to announce a new music video streaming service courtesy of VidZone. The service would appear on the XrossMediaBar and allow users to stream their favourite videos on PS3 free of charge or download them to a mobile phone for a small fee.

Reeves also announced a partnership with Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) to publish and distribute three new massive multiplayer online games for PS3.

With Germany one of SingStar®’s biggest markets, Reeves took the opportunity to update the many fans of the franchise. New firmware will enable users to play tracks from their SingStar PlayStation®2 releases on PS3, and additions to the franchise will launch later this year including SingStar Singalong With Disney on PlayStation 2, Reeves also confirmed that SingStar Volume III would include some major artists featuring on SingStar for the first time including Michael Jackson. In addition, Reeves announced the launch of downloadable song packs from SingStore, beginning with two packs from the ever popular Queen.

Next on the agenda was the introduction of EyePet. Developed by the studio that created SingStar and EyeToy, Eye Pet uses PLAYSTATION®Eye to create a loveable, simian-like pet that lives in your sitting room as captured second by second on your TV. Working in ‘Augmented Reality’, EyePet is fully aware of people in the room and it will interact with you and its environment – ideal for families looking for a new entertainment experience.

Reeves concluded by welcoming David Cage of Quantic Dream on stage to talk about one of the platform’s most highly anticipated titles, Heavy Rain. An industry first, the presentation hammered home the evolution of PlayStation. An interactive thriller, Heavy Rain uses the power of PS3 to let you really control, rather than just watch the story said Reeves. It will evoke themes never used in games before, and is one of the pillar titles for SCEE next year.

Reeves’ conclusion set the scene for an exciting year ahead. “The only first we now care about is that PlayStation is the first choice for gaming and entertainment fans and we are fully prepared to continue the challenge of convincing them.”

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