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Something for the Weekend – launches!

Wednesdays - they're rubbish aren't they, not anymore: not now we can all toddle off to every Wednesday and kill our mid-week blues with inspiration for great weekends of movies, games, music and whatever else we can hawk off it!

Every Wednesday each of our selectors picks five bits of weekend entertainment stuff, reviews their choices and then links each to a cheap, reliable place on the web to get it from - initially amazon and Firebox.

It's about focusing choice for the benefit of action - it's easier to choose from five things than it is to choose from five-thousand. Our selections mix cracking new releases with missed-out classics, unexpected bargains and stuff we just fancy playing, watching, reading or listening to that coming weekend.

We're not claiming to be guru's of good taste either - we're ordinary punters and the stuff we select is up there because people like us, well, they like the same things. There's five of us and we hope visitors might find their own favourite selector amongst: Rockwaldo is the eclectic post-metaller, Koworld is the hide-on-the-sofa thirty-something, Obtuse Russ hates everything, Tightwad is brilliant at sniffing out classics at bargain prices and Dr. Sellout is a lying, cheating no good corporate shill.

Punters will visit on a bored Wednesday hoping to find something good to look forward to and we'll deliver on that expectation - every week. Simple as that.

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