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Solid Publisher

Package providing download, installation, update and promotion.

TEMPE, Ariz. – June 16, 2009 – Solid State Networks, Inc., the leading developer of digital game and patch delivery solutions, today announced the availability of SOLID PUBLISHER, the company’s [game publishing software] ( suite. SOLID PUBLISHER includes two distinct products that enable game developers and publishers to deliver games directly to gamers through a single interface. The first product, SOLID PUBLISHER: CURRENT, was developed to minimize game delivery and setup time for gamers by offering a single, seamless interface through which gamers can download, install, update, and launch a game. The second product, SOLID PUBLISHER: DIRECT, enables a variety of interactive and promotional capabilities that help developers and publishers to brand, promote, and monetize games in new and more profitable ways.

“SOLID PUBLISHER evolved from our original game update software known as CURRENT. By offering a complete game publishing package, we are able to offer substantially more value to developers and publishers, but, more importantly, they are able to offer greater value to their gamers,” said Skylar Kreisher, Solid State’s Vice President of Game Services. “The value for game makers is a direct and more profitable way to distribute titles to their audiences. The value for gamers is that they get an easy way to get the games and get into playing them much faster than ever before.”

Evolved from previous versions of the company’s patching solutions, SOLID PUBLISHER is a complete game publishing software suite designed specifically for game developers and publishers to implement quickly while using minimal developer resources. The software also utilizes Solid State’s proven, reliable delivery technology, which has delivered games to millions of players since 2006. The advanced feature set includes “patch while you play” capabilities, optimizations for speeding download and installation times and a hybrid HTTP/P2P delivery option.

About Solid State Networks

Solid State Networks is a leading developer of specialized, high performance content delivery solutions. Since early 2007, Solid State Networks has steadily gained recognition within the gaming industry as a highly innovative company with reliable technology and versatile game delivery and patching solutions for companies such as Funcom, Wizards of the Coast, Abandon Interactive, Riot Games and others. For more information, please visit


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