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Solar Studios Inc. Unleashes Their Newest Radioactive Screenshots for Metal Combat

MIAMI, Dec. 1, 2005: Scrappy Muldune sold out!...When he took money from the government in exchange for letting them unload thousands of barrels filled with toxic, contaminated, and hazardous wastes into his once peaceful salvage yard. When all that waste mixed with the rust, junk and oil, his junkyard came alive. Players bash, kick, and beat down on junkyard fighters using their chosen dominator in the upcoming Q4 2005 release of Metal Combat. The killer screenshots will fire up anyone ready to take on the millions of chromaton clones, huge junk bosses, and massive worlds as they battle, burn, and blast their way to total victory and become the Heavy Metal Dominator!

These totally radioactive screenshots feature Fireballa, Chevro, Killsaw, Dusty Black, Stax, Nailer, Wrecks, and Bubba, destroying each other to gain total domination of the salvage yard. Also included is an image of the Metal Combat retail box.

Metal Combat uses Solar Studios' exclusive SubaZ technology. This cutting edge software enables realistic reactions to every blow and destructible environment. SubaZ provides unlimited and unpredictable possible character interactions, which translates into unlimited fun for gamers.

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About Solar Studios Inc

Solar Studios Inc. creates multi-platform, interactive entertainment software. The company focuses on fusing real-time, cinema-quality experiences with action-oriented dynamic game play. With their patented SubaZ technology, all Solar games are delivered in fully interactive environments. Solar team members were the first in the world to achieve film quality 24-bit color and 16-bit surround sound in a home computer game. The privately held company is headquartered in Miami, Florida. More information is available at

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