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Snowy Returns for More Platform-Hopping Fun


Dale City, Va. - Oct. 12, 2004 - Alawar Entertainment (, a leading publisher of shareware games, has released Snowy: Space Trip, a side-scrolling platform game starring the heroic white bear from Snowy: Puzzle Islands and Snowy: A Bear's Adventures.

Snowy's latest quest rockets him into space to rescue small creatures from an army of mechanical thugs. Since he's far from the chilly peaks of his native land, Snowy can't pack his enemies in snow, but he can kick a variety of space junk into the automated brutes to send them reeling across the screen. When the coast is clear, Snowy must grab his new friends and return them to his spaceship. While jump pads are available to help Snowy reach remote areas, he must avoid gun turrets and other hazards.

Like any platform game worth its bits and bytes, Snowy: Space Trip offers several bonuses and a variety of ways to chalk up the highest score. One valuable bonus is the Monster Sweeper, which clears the screen of enemies. Snowy can also use power-ups that increase his speed or make him invulnerable. Bonuses appear when the bear gets rid of an enemy or kicks open one of the crates that drop in at random. Rescuing a long chain of creatures nets Snowy more points.

Alawar's new game offers three difficulty settings, including an easy mode for kids and a hard mode for arcade veterans who enjoy a challenge.

Snowy: Space Trip takes the bear through four worlds totaling 80 levels. As with Snowy's previous adventures, the developers at Alias Worlds set out to offer simple, non-violent gameplay set within richly animated environments. From Snowy's fiery jetpack to the beautifully drawn backgrounds, Alawar hopes Snowy: Space Trip will be as delightful to the eye as it is fun to play.

Visit to view screenshots, download a demo and purchase the full version of the game.

About Alawar Entertainment

Alawar Entertainment has been publishing and distributing PC games on the Internet since 1998. The company also runs a network of online game stores and supplementary businesses ranging from a game banner network to a newsletter service. Additionally, Alawar is working closely with leading gaming portals such as Real One Arcade, Shockwave, Big Fish Games and others. The company's developer partners include Dream Dale, Alias Worlds, Oxxo Media, Media Research Group, I-Nova Games Team and more.


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Alawar Entertainment


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