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Glaswegian-flavoured battles available on the iPhone now.

Glasgow, UK. December 22nd 2010. Find your inner scallywag with Snowball , the first title from Chunk Games is out now for iPhone and iPod on the Apple App Store.

Based on the hugely popular online game of the same name, Snowball brings something new to the iPhone, combining snow, simple addictive gameplay with street mischief and good old-fashioned Glaswegian abuse.

Now, rascals of every age can start pelting their neighbour's windows with icy snowballs. Keep the mayhem going to build up healthy combo scores and receive some less than polite Glaswegian comebacks. Miss a window - or hit the Grim Reaper (it can happen) - and your combos and lives are gone in an instant.

Players can play the game to stack up a score, or choose freeplay and simply enjoy the abuse which, like the original, is courtesy of former Chunkite, Limmy, of Limmy's Show and fame.

With over 30 levels, combos and bonus multipliers, freestyle play, party windows, extra lives, plus Game Centre and Open Feint integration, Snowball is the perfect way to while away the long hours, ignoring hypothermia, trapped in your snowbound car awaiting rescue.

Since its original release online in late 2001, Snowball has been played over 10,000,000 times by people who enjoy making the residents life a nightmare. Players hail from every corner of the globe, where abuse is enjoyed, from Glasgow to Australia (and Norway for some odd reason).

Donnie Kerrigan, Managing Director of the newly created Chunk Games, says, " Snowball is about remembering the mischief you got up to when you were wee - throwing snowballs at windows and hoping for a volley of abuse or, ultimately, a chase down the street. We launched the original Snowball as a plaything to introduce Chunk Digital way back in 2001. It became a bit of a winter tradition for people so it seemed right to launch Chunk Games with Snowball - the game. Limmy was part of Chunk way back then and a huge part of the original game. We could't relaunch it without him playing the characters. We're delighted to be releasing the game for the iPhone and we're looking forward to exposing players worldwide to chilly Glasgow street life and hopefully reminding them of their own childhood scrapes"

Snowball is in the App Store now, priced at 59p or 99¢. Search for ' Chunk Snowball '


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Chunk Games has released it's first iPhone title, Snowball.  The game challenges players to chuck snowballs at a block of flats in chilly Glasgow, but the residents aren't happy



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