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Ideas sought for downloadable game based on series of characters.

2day & 2morrows Creations, the creator of “the Sneables”, was founded by Michael Pellegrino, an entrepreneur having great success with his Sneables characters in the form of merchandise such as t-shirts, cups, stationary and other commodities. Michael Pellegrino is on a mission to bringing the Sneables into the world of gaming by developing a PC-based casual Flash-game inspired by, and based on, his unique characters.

Says Michael Pellegrino: “Everyone is encouraged to come up with the best game idea for a Sneables based PC game! To begin with, the game will be made available as a digital download product, but who knows – some day it might become a retail product too!”

The Sneables is an army of cute and hilarious characters on a quest to make you smile! They bring back laughter, fun and joy in your life with their unique personalities and mimic our thoughts and feelings, providing you a colorful and humorous way to express yourself.

There will be a cash prize awarded for the best game idea; Michael Pellegrino is not expecting large game design documents or extensive game-play: To begin with the challenge is to come up with a great idea and to submit this idea through www.sneables.com where further information about the cash prize and contest details will be available in January, 2010. The game has to be easy to play, intuitive, fun, and cute.

Visit www.sneables.com to learn more about these wonderful creatures; they’re fun, they’re cute, they’re insanely creative, and most important of all – they will soon be coming to a PC near you!


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