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Snake Warriors: Training

Wriggly arcade action coming to PSP minis next month.

Crystal Games challenges you to play the varying and extended mini Snake Warriors: Training. The game will become available at the 2nd of June on the PlayStation Network.

Players: "Snake Warriors: Training is extended, diverse and catchy"

With its 5 gametypes divided over 75 levels, Snake Warriors: Training is a game that offers hours of fun! Its diverse gameplay and near endless challenges make sure you won't get bored any time soon! If you obtain good scores you will also unlock special armors, so that you can play the game in style! You can also compare the scores you obtained with the scores of other players.

Players also call the game catchy. The natural charm of snake, the varying gameplay and the increasing difficulty of the levels will keep the players attention.

Everywhere and for everyone

Snake Warriors: Training contains both short and longer levels, so the game is easy to pick up and play, but hard to master! Besides Snake Warriors: Training has been found suitable and fun by and for young and old people!

More information

You can find more information and screenshots on Please contact if you have any questions.

Crystal Games

Crystal Games is an upcoming game developer from the Netherlands that has been founded in 2008. With a fresh look and a countless number of ideas, Crystal Games will try to entertain all kind of gamers. Our motto: It’s all about the game!

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