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SN Systems brings PS2 development to Test Stations

British development tool specialist SN Systems is set to launch a tool for the PS2 Test Station which will allow developers to try code on the system without having to burn a CD or DVD.

Due to launch in December, ProView Plus will allow coders to develop code directly on a Test Station rather than on a Development TOOL - a bonus not only because it will make life easier when trying out new builds on the Test Station, but because Test Station hardware is significantly cheaper than TOOL hardware.

Test Stations are used by developers to try out their code because their hardware is almost exactly identical to that used in retail PlayStation 2s, while the Development TOOL systems have more RAM and some other significant hardware differences.

Without the assistance of a tool such as ProView Plus, however, the only way to try builds out on Test Stations was to burn CDs or DVDs and put them into the machines - a lengthy process which needed to be repeated every time the developer made a change to the code.

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