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Small Blue Robot Saves Universe from Retro Invasion!

June 15th, 2005 - (Somerset, UK) In 1982 Robotron defeated an invasion force destined for world domination... or so we thought. Now humanity is extinct, but in our last dying days a new hero was born: Ultratron! Puppygames ( is thrilled to announce mankind's final and finest hour with the release of Ultratron to avenge humanity's defeat! Download it today for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Realizing that humans had come to rely on graphics rather than skill with their weapons, the retro invasion began. Our 3D technology was no match for the 2D invaders and all our greatest heroes were consumed in their terrible onslaught. It was only in the last days of humanity did we fight fire with fire and created a 2D hero of our own. Now Ultratron is out for vengeance, to save countless civilizations across the universe and end the tyranny of the Four Bots of the Apocalypse.

Take Ultratron through over 40 levels of bot-slaying mayhem against over 70 enemies in classic retro 2D! Snag power-ups to your guns, shields, and smart bombs. Gain special bonuses such as attack drones, sentinels, multi-shot, bounce shot, and more! Blast your way through 4 evil bosses who exist only to bring about a retro-style ending to the universe as we know it.

The modern 3D heroes of today couldn't save the human race; our false reliance on technology over ability caused us to believe ourselves safe. Now, in our dying gasp, we see the error of our ways: The skill in gaming has returned for a final showdown between man and machine.

Download the free Ultratron demo and see if you still have the gaming skills you were born with: Available now from on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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