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Smack A Seal

90s pop star torture sim on the iOS.

When Danish start-up and indie developer Zaxis Games released their launch title on iOS in 2010, Angry Viking, they immediately received recognition (and reputation to follow) for releasing one of the most controversial games of the year. Zaxis Games are back with yet another hilarious cartoony game with a twist: In “Smack A Seal” It is your objective to protect your freshly captured feast-o-whale from the hungry hordes of seals trying to steal your booty.

“Smack A Seal” is a comedy take on the action-defense genre, combining the best of castle defense and action-survival! Its high-paced action from the early levels, and you must defend your igloo from the masses of attacking seals at all times! Never before has dual-stick action been so arctic! Place your mines with care, position your arsenal of gun turrets, and smack the incoming seals right on the kisser before they tear down your igloo! To your aid are a number of power-ups you can collect such as fish, which you can strategically position to divert approaching seals from getting too close.

Denmark is famous not only for Tivoli, The Little Mermaid, Lego bricks, awesome food and hot blonde chicks; some of the world’s best game developers also derive from this tiny country, which to some seems small enough to fit inside an igloo! Zaxis Games is quickly becoming an established and professional studio, and with “Smack A Seal” has developed yet another highly addicting game featuring Game Center support, leaderboards and achievements, 3 unique islands, un-lockable levels (18 in total), a battery of weapons including mines, gun turrets, and your trusty old wooden club! You can boost and enhance gameplay with power-ups, and the game also includes unlimited gameplay modes!

“Smack A Seal” is now available on the App Store for the Apple iPhone™ & the Apple iPod touch®.

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