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Slitherine publishing plans

Wargame specialist makes the move to self-publishing.

Award winning strategy games developer Slitherine has announced it will start self publishing its own titles starting January 2009. The new publishing house has already started a strategic development plan to approach the retail market with a fully developed release schedule starting Q1 next year.

The newly formed entity will still remain faithful to its original mission and approach to games, by developing, and now publishing, highly playable and approachable history-themed games to the mass market.

"We have always been committed in bringing games that are both playable and enjoyable to the market and to allow all kind of player, from the strategy enthusiast to the curious newcomer, to have an entertaining experience", said Iain McNeil, Development and Production Director at Slitherine. "By moving directly into publishing we will be in full control of the content of our products and can leverage on the experience we've accumulated over these long years of development and production".

Slitherine has simultaneously announced it has raised an initial 5million Euros funding to carry these plans to fulfillment over the next 3 years.

"Our funding package ensures that we can approach the market in the best possible way to achieve success. We know this is a quality and marketing driven business and this will allow us to be proactive and to invest our money where it will make a difference", said JD McNeil Business Development Director of the company. "Being able to invest our resources in the most efficient way is nothing new to Slitherine, but now we have the funding to invest in future development, marketing and communication for our new and exciting product line up. We aim to make this a success from the very beginning".

Slitherine will remain in the field of history-themed games as it always has done, but bringing the same enjoyment to the console market.

"We had a mission as a developer and we will stick to this as a publisher", said Marco Minoli, Marketing Director. "History is fun. There are many products in the entertainment market that already prove this case and we intend to make sure we become established as a major player in this field. We now have in place the right elements to be successful; we know how to develop compelling products, we have the historical knowledge to do this and now we also have some great licenses and amazing content to make sure our games are even more appealing to audiences of all ages".

Slitherine will shortly announce more details on the release schedule and the list of new titles.

[About Slitherine] -Slitherine is a privately funded and independent UK developer and publisher. Slitherine is dedicated to bringing highly playable and approachable strategy games to the mass market with a specific dedication to history of all ages. Slitherine Software is uniquely placed to deliver due to its experience within the industry and also the wider gaming community.

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