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Slide Prince

Age-defying strategy/action game based around the cha-cha slide dance.

Blazing Games today announced an agreement to make a video game called the Slide Prince which derived from the popular CHA-CHA SLIDE song and dance. The game will be released in three stages: single player (October, 2010), multi-player (October, 2011), and massively multi-player persistent world (October, 2012). The first release (single player version) shall be tentatively published on the following platforms: www.slideprince.com, Facebook, Myspace, I-Phone, www.newgrounds.com, and on multiple other mobile game apps store fronts and digital game portals (all toward the end of this year).

The game is a strategy/action game where the players take the role of young kids who never die, never grow old, and have developed the renowned dance into a martial by doing different combinations of the dance sequences and steps and afterwards shooting slime. The players are the heroes, the Slide Family, and battle the evil Sludge Hunter Ministers and their armies of CHA-CHA Mongers in slashing dancing battles in the fictional land of Chaville. The game is based on a children's book, also entitled The Slide Prince. The book will be published simultaneously with the game and sold on the same website, i.e., www.slideprince.com. The Slide Prince is the adventure of warring clans of kids for control of the planet's resources (like de-slimer dust which heals victims of slime injuries), land, precious items, and de-slimer dust mines. Players may also enhance their armies and troops by gaining more soldiers, falcons, whales, Chanetic Magic weapons, bonus clothing, and bonus shoes. Players may advance their characters to build larger armies and build estates in the City of Freedom (headquarters for the Slide Family, located on the Slide Islands).

The arrangement was negotiated by Dean Swett (President), The Paramour Group, LLC, a boutique firm specializing in video game licensing, agent services, and recruiting. The demo shall be available for free in July, 2010, at www.blazinggames.com.

The CHA-CHA SLIDE dance has become an American cultural phenomenon. Fans of the dance have long awaited additional products that include the music and lyrics. Now this video game and book are truly unique original experiences for the fans. It is essentially the creation of a whole new world that is entirely based around the song and dance. There may be additional expansions, episodes, and books stemming from the Slide Prince series soon.

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