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Slam Bolt Scrappers

Trailer now online.

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) and Fire Hose Games are gearing up for the highly anticipated release of Slam Bolt Scrappers slated for March 15 on the PlayStation ® Network. Launch may still be a few days away but you can experience the devastating weaponry, wildly colorful aesthetic and unique gameplay of the brawling/building mash-up game now by checking out their new trailer: “The Official Slam Bolt Scrappers Trailer, Best Trailer of All Trailers.”

To download the trailer, please visit: http://bhimpact.gamespress.com/product_page.asp?i=1147

Slam Blot Scrappers is a frantically-paced mash-up of brawling and puzzle-based building where one to four players battle to create and protect towers constructed from multi-colored blocks which drop arcade-style into the action from defeated baddies in the sky. Each color set creates a different weapon system used to defend against enemy attacks or go on the offensive with automatic drill launchers, lightning blasters, flying ping-pong paddles, and laser guns.

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