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Slam Bolt Scrappers

Set to star in the PAX East Boston Indie Showcase.

The Fire Hose team is ecstatic to announce that Slam Bolt Scrappers will be featured at the PAX East Boston Indie Showcase! It'll be the public's first chance to get their hands, mittens, and ocular implants on Slam Bolt Scrappers, an innovative mash up of building and brawling! Players will reach for the sky and build the greatest towers in Slam Bolt City while defending against deviously charming baddies and epic bosses. The game features 4 way co-op and head to head multiplayer, and boasts a simple yet surprisingly deep competitive battle mode.

Fire Hose Games is pumped to show off Slam Bolt Scrappers and represent the burgeoning Boston Indies scene at PAX East, which is expecting over 60,000 attendees. Eitan Glinert, team Fire Chief, is “excited to bring national attention to the Boston Indies scene and let serious gamers know that Boston is a hotbed of quality game development.” Slam Bolt Scrappers will be available for playing at the Boston Indie Showcase and the GAMBIT game booths all weekend during PAX East.

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