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SKY ONE's Gamezville G-Team Geek becomes real life Game Guru

London, October 2007: Adam Lyons, formerly one of the G-team video games experts on Sky One's hit Video Games show Gamezville has been proclaimed one of the worlds top pick up artists and experts on "Game". After years spent cracking the hardest games, he decided to turn his attention to finding the cheat codes to getting girls. Using simple systems and word games, he has managed to break down his system into a simplified formula that is duplicable by all, and now teaches his techniques via FREE online articles, videos and through his seminars to other VIDEO GAMERS, WORLDWIDE!

According to Lyons guys that play videogames actually have a massive advantage when it comes to learning this stuff. Lyons says "gamers are predisposed to be good at observing patterns and breaking systems. We've been doing it against those end of level bosses for years. All I've done is shift the focus from the screen onto the girls, though now I'm straight back onto the consoles!"

Five of the top "game" techniques are;

1) Open, Open, Open - If you don't speak to someone your chances of success are almost zero. When you see someone you like, make sure you take the initiative.

2) Try a Direct approach - Here' you lay your heart on the line. Be genuine. "I'm sorry to bother you, it's just... well if I didn't say hi I'd kick myself, Hi I'm (insert name here) then take it from there.

3) ...or try the indirect route - Ask someone for directions, ask them their suggestion on a good meal for lunch. Anything to get the conversation started....just don't ask for the time! It almost always gives the game away.

4) Be Social - One of the most attractive qualities is the ability to be comfortable in a social setting It displays confidence, as well as social etiquette. If you aren't comfortable in new situations with strangers then bring friends, just make sure they aren't going to let the side down.

5) Praise your mates - When we meet someone new one of the first things we do to try and impress the opposite sex is to insult our mates. Don't do it! Instead try saying how cool they are, listing a great ability they have, or something they did that helped you. If you are associated with cool people, (and naturally you get them to return the favour) then you are much more attractive than the person going around telling everyone his best friend has a bad case of flatulence.

Attraction Explained teaches women and men what attraction is and how to create it. Video's of Adam Lyon's 'picking up' are available on YouTube:

Adam getting the phone number of a woman in HMV: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNsGsw4C2-c

Adam approaching another woman


Adam Lyon's is available from the 5th of November, as he is giving talks in Las Vegas and TCU University, Dallas about the science of attraction.



Attraction Explained is London's top dating school catering for both men and women. Attraction Explained provides free articles, videos and tips on attraction, dating and meeting the love of your life to men and women.


For more information on Gamezville: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamezville

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