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Skunk Studios ® Announces Launch of Tennis Titans(tm)

Skunk Studios releases its highly-anticipated Tennis Titans – a 3D sensation heralding the next generation of Downloadable Games.

San Francisco, CA - March 16, 2005 - Following its long line of successful game brands including Gutterball 2TM, VarmintzTM, SveerzTM, and QBzTM, Skunk Studios, a leading developer of online games for the mass market, today announces the launch of its highly-anticipated game, Tennis Titans.

Tennis Titans is a fresh new 3D tennis game that appeals to novices and masters alike. With amazing graphics, real-time ball physics, lovable characters and breath-taking 3D environments, Tennis Titans sets new standards for games made for the mass market.

In Tennis Titans, players meet seven colorful characters and can compete in two distinct game modes: Traditional Classic Tennis or Arcade-Style Rings Mode. Using a familiar break-out game control, Tennis Titans comes with a step-by-step tutorial for first-time players, as well as challenging game matches for tennis pros. So simple to play, Tennis Titans provides hours of ball-whacking amusement for players of all levels.

The full version of Tennis Titans includes these features:

  • Easy Mouse Controls - Easy "break-out" style hitting and aiming
  • Two Game Modes - Traditional Classic Tennis or Arcade-Style Rings Mode
  • Seven Colorful Characters - A fun selection of Skunk Studios characters that unlock over time
  • Four Stunning Courts - Forest, Tropical Island, Skunk Stadium, and an Ancient Greek Arena
  • Tour Map - An interactive map that unlocks courts and characters as you play
  • Relaxing Music - Pleasant music that blends with each court

For an accessible yet high quality game like Tennis Titans, the internet is a viable outlet for reaching previously untapped gaming audiences. In the U.S. alone, there are 90 million internet users, including 30 million broadband users, and downloadable game revenue is expected to exceed $760 million by 2007.

Game players from around the world are invited to download Tennis Titans from this location: www.skunkstudios.com/tennistitans/

Pricing and Availability

All Skunk Studios games are available for trial before purchase. Game players can purchase the full version of Tennis Titans now for $20 from major games web sites, including www.skunkstudios.com.

About Skunk Studios

Skunk Studios is a San Francisco-based game development studio where dynamic game design, art, and sounds are combined to make games that everyone can play and enjoy. For more information on Skunk Studios games, visit www.skunkstudios.com.

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Skunk Studios


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