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Silverfall™ Buffed For PC Onslaught

Koch Media And Monte Cristo Announce UK Launch For RPG

Thursday 6 July 2006/... Koch Media and Monte Cristo today drew back the veil on the world of Nelwë with the announcement that fantasy hack-and-slash action RPG, Silverfall, will be released for PC on DVD ROM. Priced at £34.99, the quest will commence in October 2006, exclusively distributed by KOCH Media in the UK. Developed in-house at Monte Cristo, Silverfall challenges the conventions of action RPGs by thrusting players and their chosen companions into a stunning fantasy world of magic, machines and mayhem. Choose from a slew of spectacular magic spells or harness the raw power of science: the choices you make during the game take you along the path of nature or technology. Since the dawn of time, the inhabitants of Nelwë have relied on mighty elemental wizards to keep order. But the invention of steam power has overturned this ancient social order. Disillusioned by the introduction of new technology, certain sections of the population have turned instead to the power of nature. Taking advantage of the conflicts tearing apart the factions of nature and science, the forces of darkness lay siege to the magic domains in an attempt to seize power. From the peaks of Silverfall the Fair to the mist-enshrouded city of Cloudworks, your quest will take you far and wide as you clash headlong with the enemy. Up to two companions will accompany you on your journey as you face mortal danger. Silverfall offers instantly gratifying gameplay, vast open areas to explore and plunder, hordes of unique creatures to cut a swathe through, and a unique interaction system: the way you treat your companions determines your relationship with them and how effective they are in battle. The quest to save Silverfall starts this Autumn. Gameplay Features · A vast, open fantasy universe offering complete freedom, from the flying zeppelin city of Cloudworks to the mage volcano of Brazer · 150+ creatures and bosses · Create your own character from a choice of four races and release your inner beast by transforming into a fearsome, flesh rending were-beast · Build your team of two from a choice of eight companions. Each of them has their own story, background, abilities and can endow you with quests. The way you treat them will alter their loyalties - they can become your friend for life or even a lover · Manage your character's evolution by choosing from 130+ skills and spells. Create precisely the character you want to play and adapt it to your style of play · Two multiplayer modes - the first allows the player to connect to any party, compose their team and play in co-op or PVP (up to eight players); the second sees the player compose a team at the beginning and play through the entire story together. · Dazzling light, shadow and particle effects · Real-time streaming of universe minimises loading between regions · Ragdoll physics and particle effects lend greater reality to spell effects - ends - About MONTE CRISTO Monte Cristo, founded ten years ago, has become a respected player in the sector of management and strategy games. Its titles, including City Life, Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps, Fire Department, Medieval Lords, Platoon and Wall Street Trader, have resonated with gamers in Europe and beyond. Monte Cristo is currently focusing its production and design resources towards life simulation, builders and tactical management with the intention of reaching a larger international audience. About KOCH MEDIA UK Founded in 1994, KOCH MEDIA UK develops, publishes and distributes a diverse mix of titles for home console gaming systems, personal computers and the Internet. Based in Basingstoke, the company has distribution contracts with a number of software publishers, including NINTENDO. For publishers not in the UK, KOCH MEDIA exclusively markets, sells and distributes titles. Under its own brands of DEEP SILVER and EUROPRESS, KOCH MEDIA develops and publishes its own range of gaming and educational and lifestyle software. For more information on KOCH MEDIA and its products, visit UK media - for further information, please contact: Tom Sargent, BHPR +44 (0)1462 456780 North American media - for further information, please contact: Julia Salmon, Monte Cristo +33 (0)1 40 39 11 11

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