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Silver Xbox controller

Limited number of new US-only pad available in the UK via GamingZap.

Microsoft recently released a new version of its Xbox controller in USA with some exciting new features. The new controller has a silver finish and a monochromatic colour scheme, meaning the old coloured buttons are now several shades of grey. Visually very impressive, the true main features of the new controller however are regarding the changes in the analogue sticks and more importantly the transforming D-Pad. The new Xbox D-Pad can switch between the existing disc style to having a raised cross pad which gives you increased accuracy and response simply by rotating the D-Pad. This fixes one of the main complaints about the original Xbox controller, making the D-pad much more reliable than in previous models. The 4 point cap on the analogue sticks has also been changed to a concave ridge which runs along the top of the controller, giving you increased control and a more tactile feel to it. The controller is fully wireless and retains the Xbox headset connectivity via the headset port the same way as current Xbox controllers.

The new Xbox controller has already been released in USA as part of a plug and charge package and is not due to be released over in the EU or UK yet. However, GamingZap has managed to acquire some and are among the first in the UK to supply the new controllers well ahead of release date! These are incredibly short in supply, but are available to purchase now.  

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