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Silver Members Get Madness

SouthPeak Games' Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia Demo To Be Available Via Xbox Live Marketplace To Silver Members

Monday 16th April/...SouthPeak Games has announced that the demo of Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia will be made available to Silver Xbox Live® members. The demo has been available via Xbox Live® Marketplace for Gold members since Friday 13th April and features a mix of solo, co-operative and online multiplayer play. Silver members will be getting their taste of Monster Madness' unique brand of horror comedy mayhem on Thursday 19th April.

Developed by Artificial Studios, Monster Madness sees a group of teenagers pitted against an onslaught of supernatural enemies in a typical slice of small-town American suburbia. Making good use of the Unreal 3 graphics engine for a top-down viewing perspective, Monster Madness' world is brought to life with advanced physics middleware from Ageia, making sure that the action is suitably dynamic.

The 434-megabyte demo features three maps and multiplayer functionality for up to 12 players. The solo and co-operative play takes place on a single map from the game's story mode. Here, players will get a feel for Monster Madness' melee arsenal and a selection of secondary weapons, as they fight for survival within a suburban home. A deathmatch level set in a Gym is included for four-player action on a single Xbox 360 or across Xbox Live, giving combatants access to a large portion of the game's primary weapons. Rounding off the map content is a Capture The Flag map, set in a cemetery, that allows up to 12 players to compete in this classic multiplayer game type, along with a huge amount of weapons and even a few of the full game's vehicles.

Melanie Mroz, Executive Vice President, SouthPeak Games comments "We're overjoyed that Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia is available through Xbox Live Marketplace to all members. The only unlucky gamers will be the ones who miss out on downloading our small slice of comedy horror action."

The Monster Madness demo is available to Gold members via Xbox Live Marketplace now and to Silver members on Thursday 19th April. The full game will be released on Xbox 360 in late May 2007.

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