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Silkroad Online

"Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria" expansion launched.

IRVINE, Calif. - March 16, 2010

Joymax, an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, today announced the launch of Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria for historical fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online. Players above level 100 can now make their way toward the sand-swept region of Egypt to see the sights in Alexandria, explore harsh landscapes like the Desert of Storms and Cloud, and test their mettle in one of two new dungeons: the party-focused Tomb of the Pharaoh and the PvP-friendly Temple.

“Just as the real Silk Road stretched thousands of miles and connected a wide variety of cultures, the dedication of Silkroad Online’s players has helped us create a community that spans the entire globe,” said Jina Song, General Manager at Joymax. “We hope everyone traveling the digital Silk Road has a blast exploring the land of Egypt, the grand city of Alexandria, and beyond!”

Upon entering the Tomb of the Pharaoh, parties are given the opportunity to choose from three difficulty levels before starting their 2-hour dungeon dive. Depending on the setting selected, monsters will drop items that range from moderately valuable to incredibly rare. There’s even a chance that players may stumble upon one of Legend V’s new eleventh-grade weapons, so those who are up to the challenge should definitely take advantage of the two visits they’re allowed to make each day.

The Temple, open to players level 105 and above, is perhaps the most dangerous place in Silkroad Online, largely because player vs. player combat is highly encouraged within its walls. There are still plenty of enemies to face and loot to grab, but players who become too focused on slaying monsters may find themselves cut down by the weapons of another adventurer.

Another new feature, the Set Item system, allows players to trade in gold and silver coins for gear sets that grow more powerful when worn together. These coins can only be collected from Alexandria’s dungeons, so expect a challenge if you want to complete each set.

Finally, the Legend V expansion also provides players with access to an increased level cap of 110, an easier-to-use item mall interface, and a revamped Alchemy system. Whether you’re new to the Silk Road or an experienced trader and traveler, grand new adventures await you in the world of Silkroad Online!

To find out more about Silkroad Online and Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria, visit the official website at http://www.joymax.com/silkroad/

About Silkroad Online

Silkroad Online is a massively multiplayer online RPG that puts the player deep into historical fantasy, joining the Chinese and European civilizations along the Silk Road trade route. Traveling across Jangan, from China to Constantinople, players can make their fortunes as merchants, prey on the rich as thieves, or be protection-for-hire as hunters. The most recent expansion, Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria, provides players with an increased level cap of 110, the new Set Items system, eleventh-grade weapons, the vast land of Egypt to explore, and two never-before-seen dungeons: the Tomb of the Pharaoh and the Temple!

More information about Silkroad Online and the Legend V: Heroes of Alexandria update is available at www.joymax.com/silkroad.

About Joymax

Since its establishment in April, 1997, Joymax has been developing and publishing quality games for the emerging game industry of the 21st century. Based in Seoul, Korea, the company has published numerous titles for the PC platform, and its first MMORPG, Silkroad Online, has grown to offer service in 200 countries since its 2004 launch. Joymax is to become a global entertainment company providing multimedia content. For more information, please visit www.joymax.co.kr/eng/.

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