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Silicon Knights ends Nintendo exclusivity deal

Canadian development studio Silicon Knights has parted ways with Nintendo, ending a second party exclusive development agreement which created GameCube titles Eternal Darkness and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

Although the company may continue to work for Nintendo, it will also be working for other console platforms, and is expected to create titles for the PlayStation and Xbox platforms - although no products have been announced as yet.

"Silicon Knights and Nintendo have agreed to mutually part ways," studio president Denis Dyack told US website IGN, going on to explain that "it's possible that we may do another game with Nintendo, actually. It just means that we've decided to break our exclusivity with Nintendo."

No official reason has been given for the break, although it's been rumoured that Silicon Knights was unhappy with being handed work on what was effectively a direct port of a PSone title, Metal Gear Solid, after having finished a successful title based on its own IP.


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