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Silicon Garaje Arts was born

Madrid, 29th August 2005.- Silicon Garaje Arts (SGA) was created in Spain. A company dedicated to create interactive leisure services, produce videogames and virtual recreations.

Silicon Garaje Arts arrives with the idea to arise a new and fresh air in the videogame industry in Spain, and starts as a capable producer to administer great work groups in diverse projects.

SGA counts among its staff with a great human group, highly qualified and professional. Among others, some of its staff has worked in the development of videogames such as Comandos 2, Lord of the creatures, Westerner and Scrapland.

Right now SGA disposes of two graphic motors with great capacity, able to support the creation and development of videogames for platforms of PC, PS 2, PS3, XBOX and XBOX 360º.

At the moment SGA is about to announce the state of its first videogame for PC and XBOX 360º "The shadow of Aten". With the aim to present the game to different publishers on the market, as well as introducing the company to possible national and international inverters, due to the high costs of a project like this one and the existing lack of interest by the Spanish government and the different Spanish financial companies, to support for the videogame sector.

"The Shadow of Aten" is a videogame which includes a new category called Thriller Games, where you will be embody a British ex-agent, Allam Scott, investigating the murder of a renowned British archaeologist in Cairo in the year 1936. The game is full of action and with a high cultural component developed in such an exciting time as the discovery of the pharaonic tombs. Shortly we will inform you about this attractive project, and soon we will be able to see four more of their projects.

Another detail to take into account is that SGA is not only a videogame producer, but as well, thanks to the graphic motors they dispose of, SGA is able to develop projects like virtual historical reconstructions, interacting with its users. At the moment they are working together with Flas Entertainment to virtually reconstruct a Mozarabic hermitage and they are preparing the virtual reconstruction of a roman village in Spain.

You can get more information on the company and its projects on:

To contact us:

Silicon Garage Arts

C/ Pedro Muguruza, 1 - 4 ºD

28036 Madrid


Tlf: + 34 91 350 75 83

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