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Assuring us of a "truly unique twist" on match-3 iPhone puzzling.

Easy to Play, Hard to Master.


Enter the world of Sigma, the most unique, challenging and defiant Match 3 game to surface in ages. Using multi-touch, you can independently spin two columns of blocks on either side of the screen. Tapping either side of the screen sends blocks back and forth across the screen. Once a match has been created, you'll have a couple of seconds to tag additional blocks on to the cluster before the whole thing goes BOOM! Whether you're a beginner creating simple horizontal or vertical match threes or an expert strategically setting up massive block clusters, it's an experience like none other.


· A Truly Unique Twist on Match 3 – Harness the power of multi-touch to independently spin two columns of blocks. Tap to shoot blocks from side to side creating matches then quickly tag on additional blocks before the match detonates.

· Build Massive Combos – Clear huge block clusters to earn big points and big power ups. Match the same color consecutively to create an escalating point multiplier.

· Three Game Modes – Progress through the three difficulties of Sector Mode to unlock themes. Compete for a high score in one of the three times in Time Attack Mode. Go head to head with a friend over WiFi or Bluetooth in Versus Mode.

· Unlockable Themes – Unlock ten graphical themes each with it's own music track.

· Showcase Your Awards & High Scores – Sigma features Plus+ Awards and Leader boards.

Developer: BigStack Studios

Publisher: BigStack Studios

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: iPhone and iPod Touch

Genre: Puzzle / Arcade

Contact: Jon Lam

BigStack Studios

(403) 230-8020

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