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Show Me Your Poker Face

Read Your Opponents Body Language For The Most Realistic Experience Ever

For Immediate Release:

Glasgow, UK, November 21st. Poker Face, a brand new video game from Play Technologies, promises to bring all of the excitement, skill and challenges of real world poker to the interactive world for the very first time.

Unlike the vast majority of poker games, which focus purely on the cards, Poker Face features other players, all of whom have their own unique body language and 'tells', which can help you guess just how open and honest they are.

Poker Face also moves away from the bright, simplistic primary colors and safe, sterile design of the casino games, to create a darker, complex and more dangerous world of back-room games and underworld card sharks.

Over the past several years, poker has become a hugely popular global phenomenon, spawning TV shows, magazines, books and video games. However to date, most of the video games have failed to capture the essence of what makes the real game so widely-played and enduring. Poker Face plans to change that, giving players a chance to compete against characters who behave just like real people, giving the same signals and making the same mistakes.

Poker Face also features a unique narrative thread running through the game, giving players the reason why they're playing and introducing characters like card sharks, crime bosses and femme fatales. Losing game no longer just means just losing money, your skill with the cards and how well you read the other players could be all that stands between you and a set of broken fingers.

"Only around 50% of a poker game in the real world is about the cards," says Jon Sykes, the Managing Director of Play Technologies. "The rest is about the other players, your ability to guess what they're up to, the risks of bluffing and the consequences of losing. What we're doing with Poker Face is recreating all of these other aspects of the game and creating what we believe is an exciting and compelling new way to enjoy poker as a video game."

Poker Face is being developed for the PC and Sony PSP. The game is scheduled for release in Fall 2006.

Play Technologies is attending the Game Connection conference in Lyon, which takes place in December 2005. The company is interested in hearing from publishers and distributors who may be interested in making Poker Face available. To make an appointment for Game Connection, or to speak to Play Technologies, please contact Jon Sykes at:


About Play Technologies

Play Technologies was founded in 2005 by noted games academic Jon Sykes, the head of the e-motion laboratory, which is designed to monitor the emotional response to video games, based at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Play Technologies is focused on creating new intellectual properties for use within the video games market and developing titles with appeal to a broad commercial audience across all platforms, including the PC, console and hand-held market, as well as the new emerging 'mainstream' games platforms, such as mobile phones, Internet browsers and interactive television.

Play Technologies is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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