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Shot-Online Summer Kick Off Festival

Shot-Online will start the ball rolling for summer with the best events and prizes that will leave you saying, "Summer is sweet with Shot-online."

(San Jose, CA July 12, 2006) You have not played a multiplayer online golf game like this! Shot-Online is unlike any other online sports game available. Rendered in lush, beautiful 3D graphics, it is a fusion of an accurate golf simulator with a deep role playing game. With its friendly community, fun quests, user enhancements, rare items, and character leveling; the traditional RPG elements make playing Shot-Online a unique experience. Customize your character with a variety of accessories from shirts, pants, hats, and gloves. Take advantage of our new Club Fitting system by creating your own unique club catered to your tastes. By playing everyday and competing against players of different skills, your experience level grows and more courses and items become available to you. Best of all, Shot-Online is Free to Play! So what are you waiting for? Come and join us at Shot-Online and experience online multiplayer golfing at its best! Have you wanted to try out the new console gaming systems but have not had the funds to pay the high prices? Summer is your lucky season because Shot-Online is having events with fun and valuable prizes. The first event awards the player who can build a new character to reach the highest level during the Summer Rookie Event. The reward is none other than an Xbox 360 console! To be eligible to participate in this event, you must follow the terms and conditions. Must be newly registered at Shot-Online from 07.12.06 to 07.26.06 and must use only one account to participate in the event. You may use functional items such as Mageia, Cyma and all other enhancing items and also may use +Stat gear while participating in the event. It is important you provide a valid email address when you register. In the event of a tie, we will proceed with specific tie breakers such as the player with the highest percentage of experience points, the player with the longer playing time in the game during the event period, and the player who registered later during the event period. Among the new registered Shot-Online members, we will randomly choose 3 lucky winners and give each winner a 5x Lucky Box set and SO Value Pack I, regardless of the title of the character. Play hard and win an Xbox 360! All players have heard about the biggest and most anticipated update for the summer; the new Cadeiger course. With this new event, players will be able to absorb the new course and have a chance to win super prizes. Experience Cadeiger at the Come Fly with Me Event. Have you always wanted that purple stat wear set; the one that was initiated into the game before you got here? Play at the 6,091 yards long Cadeiger course and become a legend while setting records and winning rare items! The 6th person to score an eagle at the new course receives a +1 Power Stat Club Fitting Ticket. The 1st person to score an albatross receives +1 Power and +1 Impact Stat Club Fitting Ticket, along with an Epieikeialeo cap, Evlogialeo glove and Timoleo shoes. The 9th person to score a hole in one receives all 4 stats club Fitting Tickets, and an Epieikeialeo cap, Evlogialeo glove and Timoleo shoes. Show your skills on the links, and then flash your bling in the club house! Are you a controlling person, or maybe just somebody who is stat obsessed, prefers to have the edge over your opponent in competitions and tournaments? Here is your change to find that aspect of the game to pull out in front of your rivals. Customize your clubs during the Club Fitting Event from 07.12.06 to 07.26.06 and also give yourself the opportunity to benefit with +Stat gear. Regardless of your level, when purchasing Club Fitting ticket, you will be automatically entered to win one of five prize packs which include an Attisleo Shoes (+2 stamina) and Saphirusleo glove(+1 impact). For those of you who love customizing and tuning their clubs, you will be excited to participate in the Club Fitting Event. Check out everything about Shot-Online and our Summer Kickoff Events. Please do not forget that Shot-Online is FREE to play, and do not forget about Shot-Online's referral program that can get you up to 10,000 Cyber Cash (US $100 worth). About OnNet Co., Ltd Founded in 1996, OnNet Co., Ltd is at the epicenter of the ongoing online revolution, leading with its Internet community services and solutions, and is playing a significant role in helping companies reinforce the value of their online services. OnNet Entertainment is the developer and operator behind the online golfing game, Shot-Online. OnNet USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of OnNet Co, Ltd., was founded in November 2005, and is the Shot-Online International Service Provider. For more information about OnNet Co., Ltd and OnNet USA Inc., visit http://www.onnetusa.com.
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