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Latest gameplay video introduces us to Helvetica Black.

The latest gameplay video in Majesco Entertainment's Shorts - the highly-anticipated video game based on the upcoming theatrical release written and directed by Robert Rodriguez - introduces the third of four characters from the film. Helvetica Black wished giant wasps into the world to help her obliterate the havoc her greedy father bestowed upon Black Falls when he overused the magical wishing rock. Helvetica can call on her wasp friends at any time to grab her and slow her fall when crossing wide crevasses with the Wasp Hover Jump. Additionally, when enough energy balls are collected, Helvetica's wasps can even make her invincible as they quickly spin around her, protecting her from damage by knocking down any enemy that comes in close proximity


Life in the suburbs is boring - unless you happen upon a magical rainbow rock that grants you wishes! Unfortunately, the wishes have gone wrong, causing chaos all around you. To return the community of Black Falls back to normal, players must fight booger monsters, bomb shooting crocodiles, poison spitting snakes, bats, sparking robots and the evil Mr. Black. The game features 26 levels in three distinct episodes from the movie, which stars a high-profile cast including Leslie Mann, William H. Macy, Jon Cryer and James Spader.

Shorts for Nintendo DS™ is rated E10+ and is expected to release this August 18th. For additional information about Majesco's exciting line of products, please visit

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