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Shooting Watch

Retro 'sensation' now available for DSiWare.

Minato-ku, Tokyo – July 9, 2010 – Hudson Soft re-introduces the Japanese retro sensation Shooting Watch to gamers everywhere, and on the go. 16 Shot! Shooting Watch is now available as a digital download for Nintendo DSiWare TM for 200 Nintendo DSi Points TM . Players can test their button-tapping proficiency against the world record of Takahashi Meijin, AKA Master Higgins, who was officially clocked in at 16 shots per second.

16 Shot! Shooting Watch is an enhanced and portable version of the original Shooting Watch, which was released by Hudson Soft in 1987. 16 Shot! Shooting Watch offers a one button mode and two button mode, to accommodate players who prefer the “single finger” tapping style as well as those who stand by the “piano” style. The “Real-time Analysis” feature analyzes players’ button-tapping speeds and offers real-time progress-tracking graphs. Player’s best scores are recorded every time, and the top five scores are commemorated on the local leaderboard with signatures. 16 Shot! Shooting Watch also includes a relaxing slot machine mode and a stopwatch mode for everyday needs.

For more information on 16 Shot! Shooting Watch, as well as other download titles from Hudson Soft, please visit

Hudson Soft was established in 1973. It has used its advanced development expertise to market a wide range of products, including console and PC software, accessories, LSI, operating systems and other critical technologies.

The company became an early first third party developer for Nintendo’s NES, and Hudson has continued to provide a variety of game content to all game platforms since then.

Representative titles include Bomberman, the popular board game Momotaro Dentetsu, the epic RPG Tengai Makyo (Far East of Eden), among others.


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