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Shooting in space... It's all in the wrist action...


Overloaded the leading mobile games developer and distributor today announced in conjunction with Playlogic that they have developed the mobile phone version Playlogic's Xbox game XYANIDE. Just like its bigger brother version, this too will be an exciting 3D Shoot-em-up.

Overloaded have used the Xbox as their template in the development of the mobile phone version, it also will run in real-time with outstanding 3D landscapes, that capture the essence of it's bigger brother, although this will be 100% mobile.

"We feel that we have captured the 3D experience of the Xbox version and made this game just as exciting", says, Ashu Mathura, Managing Director of Overloaded, "and this is just the beginning, like with the development of the 3D cards and its transformation of the game development, with our N-Gine3D technology, we can target the new cell-phone mobile with its accelerated 3D graphic chipsets and make every opportunity ours"


In the game you play Drake who is a star fighter pilot escorting an execution craft on a dangerous mission. The witch Auira, destroyer of worlds and civilizations, has been condemned by the Judges of Mardar. Her punishment is death by disintegration; she'll be catapulted into a black hole.

On route an asteroid containing XYANIDE, a substance that materialise thoughts, hits the execution craft. Hostile worlds immediately form between the two ships, and Drake realizes Xyanide gives Auira the perfect chance to escape.

Alone and under attack, you must battle through a series of surreal nightmares. Survival depends on how well you fly and how quickly you kill. Your fighter is legendary for its ability to adapt to wildly different environments, organic or mechanical, but the relentless enemy means technology doesn't count for nothing.

XYANIDE Feature List:

  • 2 huge levels presented in full texture and Lit 3D - Just like the original
  • 2 Huge bosses that don't even fit on the screen
  • Tonnes of polygonal enemies that fly and spin in 3D
  • Fastest 3D engine even on N-Gage (average of 25FPS through the game, up to 64FPS)
  • Intuitive targeting system
  • Lots of Weapons upgrades for awesome fire power
  • Visual effects: bullet and missile trails, full screens explosions, particles.
  • Background music and tonnes of sounds effects
  • Fully configurable graphics brightness

XYANIDE is an 'over the air' transmittable game, which means that it can be downloaded to a mobile phone anytime anywhere, with an install size of just 290K you can now really take your games console with you wherever you go

Next to the X-Box and mobile versions, Xyanide is also available for the GameBoy Advance developed by Engine Software in the Netherlands

About Overloaded | Fun Everywhere!

Overloaded, an Endemol Group company, is a leading developer and publisher of video games for mobile phones. Overloaded develops mobile video games in JAVA, Symbian, BREW and I-mode technologies.

Our mission is to create fun, exciting, challenging and innovative video game experiences for mobile phones, which excel in game concepts, gameplay, design and technology and put them into the hands of consumers everywhere.

Popular mobile games develop and distributed by Overloaded are, among others, FearFactor - Helicoper Flag Snag, Fear Factor - H2O Challenge, BigBrother - The Games, BigBrother Directors Cut, Deal or no Deal, Dragon Skies, Dan Parks Decathlon, Fantom Overdrive and Resistance EP1.

Overloaded strategic wireless partners include KPN Mobile, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica, Proximus, Cosmote, TIM, SFR, Optimus, TMN, Eurotel, Mobitel and many others. Overloaded is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Since November 2002 Overloaded is part of the Endemol International group of companies.

About Endemol

The company was established in 1994 as the result of a merger between the two major TV producers in the Netherlands: Joop van den Ende Productions and John de Mol Produkties. Since then the company has had an agressive international expansion through acquisitions of and by starting TV production companies outside the Netherlands. The company, with its head offices in the Netherlands, has subsidiaries and joint ventures in 25 countries, including the major European markets, the United States, Latin America, South Africa and Australia. Succesfull TV formats from Endemol are, among others, FearFactor, BigBrother, StarAcademy, Deal or no Deal and many others.

In 2002, the Endemol Group of companies had a combined turnover of 868,8 million Euro. In the same year, more than 18,000 hours of television were produced, spread over approximately 400 different programme series. The Endemol library contains over 500 programme formats and the company employs about 3,300 full-time employees.

Since summer 2000 Endemol is part of the Telefónica group.

About Telefónica S.A.

Telefónica S.A. is the leading provider of telecommunications services in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world - with a potential market of more then 550 million customers - and one of the largest companies in Europe and the world. Nowadays, Telefónica has presence in 50 countries and operates in 17 countries worldwide and is the first company in Spain in terms of market capitalization.

About Playlogic

Playlogic is the largest Dutch publisher and developer of high-quality games for consoles, PC, mobile phones and handhelds. Playlogic, its subsidiaries and the studios it cooperates with, currently have 180 employees.

Playlogic International NV publishes games that are being developed by Playlogic's own studio Playlogic Game Factory based in Breda, The Netherlands, as well as games that are being developed by a large number of studios throughout Europe and the USA.

In total, there are 20 projects on several platforms on the current release list. New titles will be added throughout the year, since Playlogic is always looking for additional, high-quality games. Amsterdam based Playlogic International is also responsible for distribution, sales, marketing, communications, legal and finance.

For further information about Playlogic, the games she publishes and develops, artwork and press information, please visit our press section on www.playlogicgames.com.


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