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Shocking ShockForce beta videos!

People have been demanding to see more of Combat Mission: Shock Force in action so today we have answered with two brand new beta videos.

Force Recon: This 3 minutes of footage shows various combat actions taken from a Beta build of the game. It shows a US force recon unit run into resistance at the outskirts of a Syrian town as well as snipers, heavy machineguns,house-to-house combat and a great musical score! Please note that this is from the beta version of the game, so the sound effects, animations,textures and other game elements do not represent the final version.

Artillery Observer: This 1 minute 59 second long video is mainly intended to show the new Artillery Support interface and how it works. Artillery Support is one of the most important factors in modern combat, yet no game has truly captured it in a realistic way. CMSF features a unique Support Panel which allows the player to call for Air and Artillery support using realistic procedures and options without having to go through months of Forward

Observer training.

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