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Sho Online

Second expansion launched, entitled "Endless Valley of Greed" and introducing the Iron Horse.

Seoul, Korea - November 7, 2008 - Lizard Interactive announced today the release of the much awaited second expansion for their popular free to play action fantasy MMORPG, Sho Online. Details of the second expansion, Endless Valley of Greed, are posted on the official game website in the Developer's Diary section. This new expansion will open up many new and interesting possibilities for the steadily growing loyal fans of Sho Online.

In the Endless Valley of Greed expansion, a new pet called the Iron Horse will be introduced. This new pet will be the fastest in Sho Online and is mountable. It has the power to heal itself and its owner, is able to absorb a large amount of damage from attacks and make surprise attacks on enemies and monsters.

To get an Iron Horse as a pet, players would have to complete a series of quests to defeat the evil Elder who is holding the Iron Horse captive. Beware, since there are many furious and powerful monsters guarding the Endless Valley of Greed, where the Elder resides, hindering anyone from entering the area.

A new search engine will be added to the game in the coming expansion to help players search for information about the game while playing online. To find an NPC's location in order to finish a quest, type in the NPC's name and click the search button to instantly access information on the NPC's exact location.

New items included in the new expansion are Legend items. These are rare and powerful items that can be only be obtained by collecting and combining certain materials according to the specific formula for that item. Information on how to collect materials and make a Legend item will soon to be posted on the Sho Online homepage.

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Press Info: Tae-Sun An

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