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Sho Online

Planning to upgrade the War Fame system.

Seoul, Korea – January 22, 2009 – Lizard Interactive’s popular MMORPG Sho Online ( has plans to upgrade one of the most popular contents ‘the War System’.

Until now, Ranking for War Fame points has never been reset since Sho Online’s commercial service. In order for new players to have chance to challenge to be the best, the Regular reset system will be adopted. For those top ranked players since the commercial service will be rewarded with handsome prizes. War Fame gained at war does not just prove that a player is a great warrior, but it allows players to obtain exclusive unique items and use them after certain points are accumulated. War Fame points will reset every three months which makes possible for all players to have a new goal of becoming high rankers and get these exclusive items they have been drooled on for a long time.

As for compensation for high ranked players, Sho Online is giving out Cash Points. Rank 1 to Rank 50 players will receive from 500 to 4,000 Cash Points and as for out-of-rank players who have participated in a war since December of 2008 will receive 100 Cash Points.

Lizard Interactive expects more active participation in wars with upcoming changes which will make Sho Online’s popular feature a more enjoyable and fun element for its players. For further information, please visit the official website

Press Info: Tae Sun An

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About Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd.

Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a leading game software developer based in Korea. Lizard Interactive has won numerous government awards for contributions to the game industry, the most recent for innovation in game software development. MMORPG titles include the globally popular ‘croNous’ ( and ‘Sho Online’ ( ‘FunFun’ ( is Lizard Interactive’s most recently released free-to-play casual multiplayer online game. All these fun and exciting games can be found at the free global games portal, NeoFun ( The creative progress is always ongoing at Lizard Interactive.

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