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Sho Online

New war system arrives next week, complete with mighty Treasure Weapons.

Seoul, Korea – March 06, 2009 –Sho Online, Lizard Interactive’s free to play MMORPG, will be releasing a new War System powered by ultimate weapons series called “Treasure Weapons” coming March 12.

There will be some changes made to current War System and a new dungeon will be available for the winning side of the dynasty. Updated system will let victorious dynasty to receive 5% increase in money drops from monsters. For consecutive victories, money drops will increase by 5% for a total of up to 20%.

Winning side of every 20th war can gain access to the Raid Dungeon where generous drops and EXP can be found. The teleport NPC to the Treasure Dungeon will be located in Cheon-un and will be open for only 5 minutes to the winning dynasty. After 5 minutes, the teleport will close and mobs will start to appear. Players should also be aware there are traps and dummy monsters in this dungeon. These dummy monsters will give only regular EXP and will not drop anything.

Treasure Weapons were lost and forgotten ages ago, but the secret methods for making these magical weapons can be found in treasure chests. In order to get one of these ultimate weapons of power, players must find these secrets and gather the necessary materials by defeating menacing monsters.

Treasure Weapons are for players above level 20 and these are among most powerful weapons available in Sho Online. They have colorful graphic effects and can be enhanced. Total of 24 types of Treasure Weapons are available, four for each profession.

For further information, please visit the official website

Press Info: Tae Sun An

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