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SHMUP-DEV - Bringing shoot 'em up developers together.


CINCINNATI, OH USA (May 1, 2006)
: SHMUP-DEV, a community site based on shoot 'em ups, announced today the beginning of their second competition, labeled "DRAGON SHMUP" is proud to announce that our second competition, dubbed "DRAGON SHMUP" has been launched on May 1st, 2006. The competition focuses on shmups, which stands for shoot em ups, a sub-genre of the SHOOTER genre. There are dozens of prizes which are Games, Game development tools, and impressive business tools for shareware business.

Sponsors include:
Delgine -
Twilight Games -
Intermediaware -
Anawiki Games -
Pixel Perceptions -
Stormcloud Creations -
Spidahost -
IndiePath -

This competition is focusing on any aspect of the shmup genre under a few conditions. The game must star a fantasy/medieval dragon as the main character. The dragon must shoot something, either lasers out it's eyes, or some sort of gas out of its mouth. (or both)

The competition setting must be in a fantasy realm that appears to be in the medieval era mixing with magic that has been seen in many "fantasy" style games / movies. One could think of goblins, orcs, or other dragons, perhaps large birds, etc, etc, etc.

Judges will be rating the games on most original, best graphics, best sound, and of course, best of the best! The contest is running from May 1st, to July 1st, and a more detailed list of rules along with a comprehensive FAQ are all available at after clicking on the "competitions" tab.

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For additional material, email:

Matthew McFarland
7431 Pondview Pl
Cincinnati Oh 45244
United States

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