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ShiVa3D upgrade allows auto-porting to multiple platforms

Stonetrip's 3D engine now includes PhysX and F-mod support

Middleware firm Stonetrip has released a major new version of its multi-platform ShiVa3D engine, which most notably includes a unified authoring tool designed to port games to multiple platforms at once.

New plugins for the tool include PhysX, the Fmod sound library and ARToolkt, while ShiVa3D now also allows its users to code directly in either C, C++, Cocoa and Objective-C. It can additionally convert Lua to C++ to boost script performance.

The SDK includes a device input simulator for iPhone, iPad, Android and Palm, allowing those devices to communicate directly with the ShiVa editor.

"This ShiVa3D upgrade brings in some amazing new capabilities – the Unified Authoring Tool on its own, for example, makes creating games across desktop, console and mobile platforms a smooth, efficient, one-stop process," claimed Philip Belhassen, CEO of Stonetrip.

"Many of the new features are in direct response to feedback and consultation with our existing users. Others have been developed and introduced as part of our desire to make ShiVa3D 1.9 the most technologically advanced, most innovative, most reliable and most efficient 3D engine on the market today."

The upgrade is available for free (downloaded via the application itself) to ShiVa's 30,000 existing users, with a variety of licenses (including a royalty-free, multi-platform option) available to newcomers. More details here.

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